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Skating 3..!

2008-04-10 10:09:13 by FreeRunRobert

Hello, guys =D

After Skating 2. passed, i started to make Skating 3.

Today i made the first two tricks, you can see a teaser here.


P.S: there's an Easter Egg

P.S.S: i know it has been Easter Already =P


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2008-04-12 06:45:46

Cooooool! Already! :D

You're cool, I'm looking forward working with you :]


FreeRunRobert responds:

Yay! First comment! =)

I'm halfway through the animating already =D
it's because im sick and im at home the whole day.. What else to do than animating? =P

I'm looking forward working with you to =D



2008-04-14 12:23:24

Hi, uhh.... Where do you live? :)


FreeRunRobert responds:

Hi again.. I live in the Netherlands. =)



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